Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nice Work If You Can Get It Announces Cast

Nice Work If You Can Get It Announces Cast

The Staff of Nice Work If You Can Get It would like to thank everyone who auditioned for the 2016 season. Casting decisions were difficult due to the many wonderful auditions that took place this year. The cast for Nice Work If You Can Get It is listed below. All cast members should watch emails closely for communications about cast pictures, workdays, and rehearsal schedules. Thanks again to everyone who auditioned.

Jimmy Andrew Maynerich
Billie Anna Bussing
Duchess Estonia Karen Gerdes
Cookie Jeremy Goeckner
Duke Johnny Molson
Eileen Evergreen Grace Rudell
Jeanne Muldoon Bailee Brinkman
Millicent Winter Deb Rudis
Senator Evergreen Chuck McCue
Chief of Police Allan Lee
Showgirl Kendal Heuman
Jocelyn Holmes
Tiffany Reich
Marissa Byers
Taylor Krech
Maddie Booth
Featured Ensemble Patrick Regan
Kevin Hart
Bobby Herpel
Jack Londrigan
Zeke Kern
Pit Chorus Autumn Meyer
Marissa Patten
Peggy Ross-Jones
Maria Moore
Ashley Stutzman
Amanda Buch
Ashlee Daniels
Lucy Carley
Megan Costic
Jorie Clark
Shelby Bayliss
Emily Ducaji
Katharine Gricevich
Emily Wilkerson
Kylie Rogers
Kimberly Wilson

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  1. Andrew Anna and Johnny all on the same stage now I have to get on crew for this one give me a call