Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Meet Veruca! A Q&A with Amalia Schneider

What is your favorite part about this role?

My favorite part of this role is the fact that I get to be such an extreme character and it's so much fun to interact with people while paying Veruca onstage. Like pretending to fight someone triple my height is very ironic and fun.

What has been the biggest challenge during rehearsals?

The biggest challenge during the rehearsal process would be either staying in character even if something unexpectedly funny happens or trying to make my character as large and bratty as possible

What has helped you to get to know your fellow cast members and gel with them?

The thing that has helped me get to know people would probably be the atmosphere that's created by doing a show. The atmosphere was to work as hard as possible, but through the comedy onstage, comedy offstage was created.

What's your favorite song and why?

My favorite song in the show is probably "Candy Man," because the number has so much energy and all of the kids and Jeff (Wonka) seem to be having so much fun.

How did you get involved in Muni, and when?

I was auditioning for muni shows as long as I can remember, one day my mom just had us learn the music and had my sister and I learn the music, and after that it became almost an annual tradition to try out.

What is it about Muni that keeps you coming back?

The thing about Muni that keeps me coming back is the shows they put on. The quality shows Muni produces is astounding and it's so nice to be proud of what you're doing and with Muni you always get that feeling. With Muni shows you get an unwritten guarantee that you will be a part of something fantastic!

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