Thursday, March 16, 2017

Willy Wonka Cast

The staff of Willy Wonka would like to thank everyone who auditioned for the 2017 season. Casting decisions were difficult due to the many wonderful auditions that took place this year. The cast for Willy Wonka is listed below.  All cast members should watch emails closely for communications about cast pictures, workdays, and rehearsal schedules. Thanks again to everyone who auditioned.

  • Willy Wonka - Jefffery Prince
  • Charlie Bucket - Susan Wheeler
  • Grandpa Joe  - Jim Dahlquist
  • Augustus Gloop - Jack McLaughlin
  • Mrs. Gloop – Joey McLaughlin
  • Mrs. Bucket – Laura Mitkos
  • Mike Teavee - Gabe Woodruff
  • Mrs. Teavee - Lisa Luper
  • Veruca Salt - Amalia Schneider
  • Mr. Salt - John Sivak
  • Violet Beauregarde - Nina Litvak
  • Mrs. Beauregarde - Nicole Sivak
  • Mr. Bucket - Zeke Kern
  • Phineous Trout  - Peyton Knowski
  • Grandpa George - Thomas Sagins
  • Grandma Georgina - Maggie Cluck
  • Grandma Josephine – Lisa Tossi
  • Featured Oompa Loompa - GraceAnne Prince, Sabrina Schackmann, Madison Reiterman, Kamille Henson, Parker Nichols
  • Oompa Loompa -  Gianna Antonacci, Olivia Baker, Rachel Binegar, AnnaMarie Boarman, Sarah Carley, Isabella Cavanagh, Sarah Cavanagh, Samantha Cere, Sara Cere, Gabrielle Deller, Maddie Eickhoff, Sophie Gebhart, Reagan Gentry, Margaret Hacke, Lucy Harmon, Jack Harris, Charleigh Hoecker, Ella Hohenstein,Claire Huntley, Liam Huntley, Grace Ingersoll, Arabella Johnson, Jillian Kohlrus, Madalyn Linderman, Lavanya Mani, Luke McGinness, Hope Miller, Faith Miller, Nadia Mitchell, Maja Mulvey, Kyleigh Nguyen, Lydia Ressler, Kayla Simon, Ava Southern, Ella Sullivan, Megan Thing, Trent Tholen, Addelyn Warren, Annelyse Warren, Juliet Woodruff,


  1. Are you still auditioning children tomorrow.

  2. Are you still auditioning children tomorrow.

  3. Yes. Kids auditions are still on for the 18th. The 5 lead kids and the remaining 30+ Oompa Loompas have not been cast yet.

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