Monday, July 25, 2016

Getting To Know Nice Work If You Can Get It's Andrew Maynerich

Getting To Know Nice Work If You Can Get It's Andrew Maynerich 

What is your favorite part about this role?
My favorite part about this role would be the Comedic Timing of lines, movements, and scenes.  Not only just for myself, but the playing with other actors in the scenes.  It's been a riot!

What has been the biggest challenge during rehearsals?
The biggest challenge has been not to laugh during scenes.  By the time you get all these characters (and the people playing them!) in the same room, it's difficult to not crack a smile.

What has helped you to get to know your fellow cast members and gel with them?
Off stage time, and getting together after rehearsals.  A few of us have been able to get together after rehearsal to not only relax, but also joke about the show and give each other pointers.

What's your favorite song and why?
"S'Wonderful" is my favorite. Playing on stage with Anna, and finally getting to dance with her is a pleasure, and the song really adds an integral part to show.  

How did you get involved in Muni, and when?
I got involved in Muni in 2003 with BIG: The Musical. I auditioned as a kid, and had never auditioned before.  With the support of family, and the benefit of a dance background, I was excited to be cast as a "Big Kid!" 

What is it about Muni that keeps you coming back?

I love the family atmosphere and the friends I have made all these years.  Some of the people I have done shows with are some of my best friends today!  I also love the size of the venue, and the crowd it attracts.  Performing in front of HUGE audiences is just an experience you can't stay away from!

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