Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sweeney Todd Announces Cast

Sweeney Todd Announces Cast

The Staff of Sweeney Todd would like to thank everyone who auditioned for the 2016 season. Casting decisions were difficult due to the many wonderful auditions that took place this year. The cast for Sweeney Todd is listed below.  All cast members should watch emails closely for communications about cast pictures, workdays, and rehearsal schedules.  Thanks again to everyone who auditioned.

Sweeney Todd           John O'Connor
Mrs. Lovett                Meredith Vogel-Thomas
Anthony                     Evan Rumler
Johanna                     Peyton Tosh
Pirelli                          Jacob Deters
Tobias                         Levi Ehrmantraut
Judge                          Patrick Foster
Beadle                         Thomas Taylor
Beggar Woman         Patty Noonan
Quintet                       Syndey Assalley
                                    Carolyn Assalley
                                    Jacob Laughunn
                                    Greg Runyard
                                    Sean Edward-Hall
Ensemble                    Andrew Werner
                                    Dillon Blakenship
                                    Edward Worthington
                                    John Pickett
                                    Brett Rutherford
                                    Dale Mason
                                    Luke Peterson
                                    Danny Guttas
                                    Carmel Fratianni
                                    Sandra Fritz
                                    Rose LoGrasso
                                    Christina Blakely
                                    Kathy Sees
                                    Megan Francis
                                    Nancy Cole
                                    Bridget Ratz
                                    Lindsay Finnell
                                    Elizabeth Kelley
                                    Julie Krol

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  1. Congratulations everyone! WOW! What a CAST...what a GREAT blend of New/Young Muni and Vets/Old Muni....I'm one of the OLD ones, LOL! Can't wait to meet many of you and see a LOT of you again!