Monday, March 30, 2015

West Side Story Announces Cast

West Side Story Announces Cast

The Staff of West Side Story would like to thank everyone who auditioned for the 2015 season. Casting decisions were difficult due to the many wonderful auditions that took place this year. The cast for West Side Story is listed below.  All cast members should watch emails closely for communications about cast pictures, workdays, and rehearsal schedules.  Thanks again to everyone who auditioned.

Tony Rigobetro Ernst

Maria Bailee Brinkman

The Jets 

Riff Connor McNamara
Action  Evan Rumler
A-Rab Jacob Deters
Baby John  Ryan Fisher
Big Deal Steven Robinson
Snowboy Roy Lowery
Diesel Zack Perko
Velma Kendall Heuman
Graziella Tiffany Riech
Minnie Anna Benoit
Clarice Madison Hutmacher
Pauline Allison Rainford
Donna Taylor Krech
Anybodys Emily Watts

The Sharks 

Anita Cami Kern
Bernardo Zaxxson Nation
Chino Cameron Schlussler
Pepe Eric Groeteke
Nibbles Matthew Woodson
Indio Kevin Hart
Toro Peyton Knowski
Luis Zach Bax
Rosalia Zoey Zara
Consuela Alyssa Phinney
Francisca Taylor Fishburn
Teresita Chloe Garcia
Estella Ashley Ramos
Margarita Abby Milhiser
Juana Jocelyn Holmes
Floramaria Alina Sinha
Anxious Seth Wheeler

Children Linden Neposchlan, Leeza Zavelsky, Trent Tholen, Charles Eastvold, Olivia Penell 


Lt. Schrank Paul Elders
Doc Al Scheider
Officer Krupke Derry Dalby

Gladhand Gil Opherman

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