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 The Early Bird Gets The Worm

 #1.      Sign Up for An Audition Slot Early Those who attend The Muni’s Audition Workshop on February 18 will be given the opportunity to be the first to sign up for a vocal and dance audition slot. (Everyone else will be able to use our online form starting February 19). Registering early secures the day/time of your choosing and eliminates having to wait around for an available audition slot to open. 

 Be Thorough In Completing Your Form

#2.       Fill Out Your Audition Form Completely. It is important that you follow directions when completing the online form and that you fill out the entire form, being sure to include all show information (rankings, parts, etc.) and any conflicts you have that may interfere with the rehearsal schedule. Incomplete forms will need to be redone on audition day and may cause you to be delayed. 

Showcase Your Talent

#3.       Choose Your Audition Piece Wisely.(Maximum length of audition song allowed is 2 minutes.) Decide well in advance what song you will be singing, taking into account what will best demonstrate what you can do and with which you are comfortable.  Pick a song that meshes well with the style of musical/character parts for which you are auditioning. Also be sure to keep the accompaniment in mind. Pick a song that is not overly-difficult to play and always make sure that it is transposed in the correct key. Have everything clearly marked (tempo, cuts, repeats, etc.).  You will have only a brief moment to discuss your piece with an accompanists, so being prepared will make the process easier for both of you!  

Practice Good Vocal Health

#4.       Me,Me,Me,Me,Me,Me! Be sure to warm up appropriately the day of auditions. We will help you with that with a group warm up prior to your audition! Staying hydrated, being well-rested and maintaining good physical health will help promote good vocal health.
Give it Time!  

#5.       Arrive Early. We recommend you arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your audition slot to give you time to check-in and to attend the vocal warm-up session. Allowing yourself not to be rushed will help squelch some of those audition nerves we all feel!
Put Your Best Foot Forward

#6.       Sing Before You Dance:   We are asking all auditionees to sing before they dance this year. This benefits the auditionees in that staff have seen you sing, have your paperwork and know your preferences. If you will be participating in the “Dance” audition, plan to dress appropriately (No street shoes are allowed on the dance floor so please be sure to wear dance shoes or socks.) Also, make sure that you are appropriately covered taking into account that you will be jumping, rolling, kicking and doing a variety of other physical moves.  And remember, have fun, smile and enjoy the experience!  An auditionee having fun is often more impressive than a perfect dancer that has no fun!  

Make It Work People

#7.       Muscle through!   Regardless if you have a cold, didn't get enough sleep or fumble on the words of your song, the best thing you can do is march on and give it your best!  Focus on the positive and don't worry about explaining why things didn't go as planned.
Take a Deep Breath

#8.       Manage Your Stress. Auditions can be stressful even for the most experienced performer. Being prepared, visualizing your audition going well, and controlling your breathing are just a few tips that can help make your audition a little less stressful. And remember, all those watching truly want to see you do your very best!  

"X" Marks the Spot

#9.       Stand & Deliver. The Muni videotapes all auditions and, therefore, requires auditionees to remain standing in the (literal) “X” marking the spot. Keeping movement to a minimum and remaining on the "X" on the floor will allow the show staff to focus on your audition. 

The 3 “Cs” Of A Good Audition

#10.     Be Comfortable, Charismatic & Confident. Actors have to command attention. Speak clearly and perform to the best of your ability, giving it your all. When it’s over, no matter how you think you did, be sure to focus on what you did well. Save the critique for tomorrow, and be kind to yourself when you do. It takes courage to do what you’ve just done!

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